A second look at the Golden Compass movie

Sunday afternoon I watched the Golden Compass again. The second viewing simply confirmed my initial opinion of the movie. The production design and special effects were great. Though the action scenes were not exciting enough. The casting and acting were inspired. However, there were problems with plot development. The parallel universes, intercision, and Dust were supposed to be revelations. (Well, they were in the book.) The characters and audience learning about the parallel universes, intercision, and Dust shouldn't have been rushed through forced and corny dialogue. The narrative flow was discordant. Viewers who have not read the book will find the story confusing. Wah, all that wasted potential! :o(


Janece said…
Sad news, Tarie. I've heard similar from other sources -- but I definitely trust your take on it.

Tarie said…
Hi, Janece! The movie does make me sad. I decided to read His Dark Materials when I heard good things about the series from you. Thank you for convincing me to read the books! (I was convinced by what I read in your blog about the books.)