Happy Thanksgiving!

The top things I am grateful to God for:

1. My family: I am grateful for my very caring, very beautiful, and supportive mother. I am grateful for my loving father (he has a huge and tender heart). I am grateful for my interesting, sweet, and dependable brothers and cousins. I am grateful for my generous and affectionate grandmother. I am grateful for my helpful uncles and aunts.

2. My friends: New and old, near and far, at work, at school, in the blogosphere - I learn from them. They make life fun and they comfort me.

3. Great narratives: Whether anime series, novels, films, or songs - They amuse, entertain, inform, educate, challenge, rebuke, encourage, motivate, and inspire me.

4. My job: It's challenging work - with people I respect and admire - that is helping me grow professionally and personally, and allows me to have a life outside of the office! :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. What are you thankful for? :)

P.S. I think I lead two lives. I live in all the stories I read, watch, or listen to. And I live in the relationships with my God, my family, and my friends.


Kerrie said…
Hi Tarie!
Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
I have way too many blessings to list but one big blessing for which I'm thankful is all the wonderful friends I have met on the internet! :-)
Happy Thanksgiving sweetie... I am grateful to know you. God bless you!
Anonymous said…
Happy belated Thanksgiving, Tarie. You are a wonderful friend that I'm thankful to have met.