Book review: The Boy with Two Belly Buttons

Solomon has two belly buttons. So he sets off to find out if there is something wrong with him and to find other people with two belly buttons. Solomon soon realizes that he is the only boy in the world with two belly buttons. And we all know that is a recipe for ridicule. But Solomon also meets someone who appreciates that he is different.

The Boy with Two Belly Buttons is a funny and pretty straightforward story written by Freakonomics's Stephen J. Dubner, with great illustrations by Christoph Niemann . This picture book is perfect for children ages 4-6. (I fit right in there since my psychological age is oh, 5. :D) If you like stories about accepting yourself and celebrating what makes you different - or if your children simply want an amusing and touching story with delightful and adorable illustrations, I highly recommend The Boy with Two Belly Buttons. :)


putingtikbalang said…
Hmmm... Ever read Nick Joaquin's The Woman Who Had Two Navels? the title of your review book reminded me of it. Not quite for kids, though. ;)
Tarie said…
Yeah, I read The Woman Who Had Two Navels in college! I love Nick Joaquin!