Staying connected

Into the Wardrobe now has an AIM account. Send your instant messages to T7arie. ;) You can also send me instant messages through YM: tarie_sabido.


Cyam said…
We keep missing each other on YM! It's ok, I'll catch you one of these days.

You know, I just realized that this is the first time in ages that we're not celebrating our birthdays together. Birthdays are always a blessing, but last month during mine I felt that there was this big gaping hole because I couldn't share it with you. =(

So what are your plans on the 21st? =)
Tarie said…
I wish we could do something together to celebrate our birthdays this year. :( Like listen to live music and a poetry reading in Conspiracy or Mag:net. Or pig out in Chocolate Kiss! The last time I was there was with YOU. Or I could take you to my other favorite restaurant: Galileo.