Birthday post!

Today is my birthday. :D In honor of... myself, I will post some random facts about myself. Heeheehee.

1. During the sixth and seventh grade, I would bake cakes/cupcakes (not chocolate) and would put tuna sandwich spread (canned tuna chunks, mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish, and chopped onions) on as "icing." I swear they tasted good! Ok, ok, I admit I was the only one who ever ate those things, but that's because I thought they tasted good! I would crave for them.

2. I'm sorry, but I don't like cats. I am a dog person. I love, love, love dogs!!!

3. I do not own a dog right now because I live in a place not big enough for the kind of dog I want: a golden retriever I want to name Sam (whether or not it is a boy or girl).

4. I looove coffee. I take my coffee strong (the stronger, the better), black, and with a little brown sugar. I do not drink instant coffee because I do not think instant coffee is real coffee. I admit to sometimes being a coffee snob: I sometimes roll my eyes at people who drink instant coffee. I sometimes think that people who put cream in their coffee "don't know how to drink coffee." But putting milk in coffee is ok. :P

5. I graduated cum laude from the University of the Philippines Diliman with a bachelor of arts degree in English studies (major: language).

6. I used to teach academic writing in De La Salle University - Taft.

7. I used to teach academic writing and literature in Ateneo de Manila University.

8. I once drank eight shots of espresso in a row. The baristas in Starbucks started worrying about me. They were asking if I was experiencing any heart palpitations from all the caffeine. I put all their concerns to rest when I promptly fell asleep at my table.

9. I used to teach English as a foreign language in the Ateneo Language Learning Center.

10. I don't like bananas. Bananas do not taste good. They are too soft for something so sweet, and too sweet for something so soft. Ew.

11. I do not like my nose. It is not a pretty nose. If I could change one thing about my body, it would be my nose. Some people are probably wondering at this point: Don't you want to lose weight? Yes. But I would like a prettier nose first!

12. But no, I will never have cosmetic surgery. I'm too scared of going under the knife, side effects, accidents, looking fake, etc. The nose thing is just if I could be granted a wish or something. :D

13. I am a very loving and caring person. But not very forgiving. :( I know, I know, that's bad for the offender AND offendee. :( I hold grudges. *sigh*

14. I am a very sweet and affectionate person. I love/am always hugging and kissing the people I care about.

15. As a little girl I played with fire with my younger brother JP. (Don't all kids do this?)

16. When I was younger I made at least two prank calls to 911.

17. I wear contact lenses during the day, and glasses at night. I wear my glasses during the day only if I stay at home the whole day.

18. I do not own a TV. The computer at home does not work properly and we do not have Internet access at home. These facts help explain how I have so much time for reading. :D

19. I have a crush on someone really nice, funny, sweet, tall, and cute. No, I will not give his name because he might read this. Anyway, the more I get to know him, the more I like him. :D

20. I love biology and environmental science. I hate chemistry and physics. I hate math, but I like geometry.

21. English and history have ALWAYS been my favorite school subjects.

22. I was the seventh grade representative to the student council in Becker Middle School. I wasn't elected though. Hahaha. No one ran for that post but they needed a seventh grade representative, so all the seventh grade teachers chose/appointed me.

23. I was the news editor for my high school newspaper (it was more like a news magazine).

24. I have a tender heart. I cry easily - tears of sadness, tears of joy, all kinds of tears.

25. My current favorite songs are Alicia Keys' "No One" and +NobodyKnows' "Heroes Come Back" (the opening song for Naruto Shippuden - my favorite anime series).

26. I have always been an honor student. I plan to get a PhD (maybe two) and even do formal post PhD studies. I love studying because I love learning. To not excel in academics is a horrible, horrible thought to me. :(

27. My stomach is a regular black hole.

28. If you think I turned 27 or 28 today because of the length of this list, you are wrong. :P


Cyam said…
Woo-hoo... Happy Birthday to my bestfriend, the sister of my heart. =)

Hope you have a good one, Tarie. May God shower upon you and your family even more blessings, material and spiritual. =)
Kerrie said…
Happy Birthday Tarie!

I laughed out loud at the espresso one - I looove the stuff, those shots are way too small for those of us who can hold our coffee. ;-)
Natalie said…
I came to wish you a happy birthday! Now I am going to read your post... I am happy to see you posted about this very important day!
BTW we celebrate our birthdays for 1 week, just to be sure we maximize our fun quotient ;-)
((((Birthday Hugs))))) and love!
Tin (ni Johann) said…
Happy Birthday, dearie!

I ate a bar of chocolate in your honor. ^_^
Tarie said…
CY - *kisses and tight hugs* Thank you, sister of my heart. Hey, I have stuff to tell you!

Kerrie - Thank you so much for the birthday greeting! :D You love espresso, too? Weeeeee! :o)

Natalie - Thank you! *hug* My birthday celebration lasted two and a half days. *giggle*

Tin - Thank you! I wish I had eaten that bar of chocolate. :P I miss you!