A Taste Test*

How delicious is Tarie? Mmm, very delicious. How delicious are you?

1. What was the last thing you ate?
Oh this is sad. Toasted pandesal with strawberry jam. It was good, but I wish “the last thing I ate” was something more exciting.

2. Licorice...black or red?
Red… Black licorice tastes…nasty.

3. Red...Twizzlers or Red Vines?
Twizzlers! Red Vines taste like…licorice. Haha.

4. Your idea of the perfect dinner out is:
Any dinner with someone who loves food as much as I do. And this dinner must be accompanied by really good conversation.

5. You picked the perfect dinner. Now how are we getting there?

6. How much do you tip?
If the service was really good, 10% - even after paying the 10% service charge included in the bill. With or without a service fee in the bill, if the service was really bad = no tip. With or without a service fee in the bill, if the service was ok = 20 pesos or so.

7. How often are we eating out?
For every single meal. *sigh* I don’t cook. (This is different from not knowing how to!)

8. List three things in your refrigerator right now.
Jars of guava jelly from General Santos City (made by relatives :) ). One frozen tuna sausage (should be thrown away by now). Black olives (should be thrown away by now).

9. What are you cooking for dinner?

10. Breakfast...savory or sweet, and give an example, in graphic detail, because I’m hungry.
I haven’t had breakfast in more than a month. :( *cries* I would like: a Belgian waffle with lots of butter and maple syrup, fresh strawberries and blueberries, bacon, scrambled eggs, and freshly brewed coffee. Mmmmmm.

11. Do you drink the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl?
Of course! You don’t?!

12. What food has made you cry? And if food has never made you cry, let me take you to Table8 for a grilled cheese sandwich and some deep-fried chorizo-stuffed olives.
Food has never made me cry. :( Please take me to Table8!

If you read this please answer at least one of the questions in the comments section! Don't leave me blogging all alone. :)

*This taste test was brought to me by Sarah of The Delicious Life, where she serves opinions like sushi - always raw. I love how Sarah keeps it real. :)


Jonette said…
8. List three things in your refrigerator right now.

- Hungarian sausages.
- leftover multicolored bowtie pasta.
- chocolate morsels for weekend choco-chip cookies! ^_^