I must have some kind of sickness. Why can't I just walk past the bookseller? Or why can't I just enjoy browsing, then go home empty handed? Why do I always have to buy a new book, even though I already have many books to read for class and for leisure. I can never have enough books. I want so many books. Do any of you have this sickness too?


Natalie said…
Sometimes it's the book disease... lately it has been Fabric-itous: An insatiable need to shop for and horde 1/2 yrds of every pretty fabric I find! And I have more fabric and more ideas for projects than I could do ever, but I secretly wish I could go to just one more shop today.
I have great luck satisfying my book buying impulses at library sales and second hand shops, so at least I spend a lot less to keep our shelves overflowing with good reads.
As a doctor of nothing and an expert of even less: I proclaim that you are healthy, reasonable and of sound mind. Carry on! lol
Tarie said…
Yes, that's it exactly. I horde! Half a yard of every pretty fabric sounds great to me. ;) I'm sure you'll use most of it (if not all of it), you have so many creative projects up your sleeve!