I am happiest when

... I am with my brothers and cousins. JP, Brian, and I were really happy when we were with Joseph, Joselyn, and Rey. We had so much fun with them (and we hope they had fun with us too) that whenever we weren't with them (they visited other relatives and places too of course) we were so bored.

These pictures are from a Friday night together in Eastwood City (a mixed-use development area in Quezon City - also a "party area"). Brian wasn't with us. He was on a date. *rolls eyes* (This is my protective, possessive, pouty older sister side coming out.)

But when we got home Brian soon joined us and we all stayed up late talking so it was all good. :)

Our cousin Kate lives in Bahrain and works as a flight stewardess (I forgot the name of the airline). She was finally assigned to a flight to Manila so she was here Sunday and Monday. JP, Brian, and I spent Sunday afternoon and night with her and her family (her parents flew in from General Santos City just to see her!). So I was at my happiest again. :) We stuffed ourselves with doughnuts and coffee in Krispy Kreme (we were in SM Megamall). Literally five minutes after our Krispy Kreme binge we had dinner at Dad's (the buffet restaurant). We all ate (Japanese food, Spanish food, Filipino food, American food) until it was hard to breathe, then we rolled ourselves home. We're looking forward to when Kate visits again in October. :) We all miss her so much!


Natalie said…
Family time and food: The best!
What great posts... love all the photos!
Tarie said…
Thank you, Natalie. :) Yes, family + good food = happiness!