Aaahhh. :)

I had a great Saturday. :) It was a struggle for me to get up at 9:30 on a Saturday morning. I usually get up around noon on Saturdays LOL. But it was worth it. I had to meet my friend April 10:30 a.m. at the mall (SM North). Traffic was bad because there was a sale - lots of people wanted to take advantage of those bargains! So I was late meeting April. I had a quick breakfast from Bread Talk: a chicken teriyaki bun (the bun was good, the chicken teriyaki part so-so). Then April and I headed to the gym (Fitness First). Yes, you read right. Lazy bum Tarie actually went to the gym on Saturday LOL. But only because I was a (free) guest of April's (she's a member). I thoroughly enjoyed using the Cinefit room of Fitness First. It's like a small theater, only instead of seats there are treadmills and stationary bikes. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was on the big screen, so one hour of brisk walking on the treadmill did not bore me the way work outs usually do. :D Then I spent a heavenly 10 minutes in the sauna before taking a refreshing shower. I felt so happy while getting dressed afterwards. :)

We had lunch in Kimono Ken. Oyakudon (a bowl of Japanese rice topped with chicken, egg, and sweet sauce) for April and ebi tempura udon (prawn and vegetable tempura on fat noodles with a sweet soy-based soup) for me. Then it was off to get facials! I won several gift certificates for facials (from Aesthetic White Beauty Center) in a raffle. Yay! :) I shared one of the gift certificates with April and we both got wonderful facials on Saturday. I have enough gift certificates left to get a facial every month for several months. Yay! :)

After facials we continued pampering ourselves by getting green tea milkshakes from Bubble Tea (a "Tokyo milk tea place"). Our milk shakes had big and small yummy tapioca pearls so we drank through fat straws. We went our separate ways after that. Before going home I went grocery shopping for the pasta I was planning to cook on Sunday. Life is good. :) Tell me how your weekends went!

P.S. I am still amazed and almost speechless about the scope and depth of the recently concluded Harry Potter series. There are so many important themes to analyze, so many things to debate. There are issues to discuss. There is the fact that if we read the series all over again in light of how it ended, we will see the patterns, threads, connections, and clues that were there from the beginning. The entire series is one great narrative where every detail matters and plays an important part in the story. Here is my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows quote for the day:

"The thing is, it helps when people stand up to them, it gives everyone hope. I used to notice that when you did it, Harry."