Wow, I didn't know I would get this depressed. My cousins Joseph and Joselyn (and their cousin Rey) were here for around a month (visiting from the US). My brothers and I grew up with Joseph and Joselyn. But then we moved to the Philippines and they stayed in the US. We didn't see each other for more than ten years!!! So you can probably imagine what our reunion was like. (As soon as I can I will post pictures of Joseph and Joselyn.) This morning we took Joseph and Joselyn to the airport. It was time for them to go home... You know that hollow/empty feeling when you miss someone you love and your eyes get teary-eyed? That's me right now... I miss them.


Natalie said…
I know that feeling very well.
Post your pictures and share the happy memories.
Anonymous said…
I also know that feel. I experience it every time my family visits (which isn't very often) and we have to say our long goodbyes at the airport. Hope you feel more chipper soon, and I agree with Natalie - post some photos to relive the happy memories. :)

Ari (Baking and Books)
Tarie said…
My cousin Joselyn and my brother Brian are also the best of friends. At the airport gate, when it was her turn, Joselyn turned around and ran right back to Brian. They hugged each other real tight one last time. It was like a scene from a movie. I choked up just watching them and thought, "Wow, this is love right here." Missing them HURTS. A literal, physical ache in my chest. P.S. I'm still waiting for Joseph and Joselyn to send me the pictures. All of the pictures were taken using their cameras.