Does anyone remember the date of Sharky's (Sharleen May Tan) birthday? I seem to recall it being sometime May-July... I can't breathe. I'm holding back tears. For some reason, today I am remembering and missing (more than usual) Sharky, my student who died in the tsunami in 2004. Sharky was only 19, a biology major. And she was on the varsity swim team (I don't know if her nickname was connected to her being a swimmer). If I didn't love God so much, I would think He had a sick sense of humor (I'm sorry). That last time I talked to her... I was on my way to my next class (the class with Charo, Krista, Danie, Erika, Ford, Jam, Kate, et al.). I really wanted to talk to her. Something was telling me to talk to her longer. But I didn't want to be late for class. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN LATE FOR CLASS. And I can't help think of Xavier Yu too, my other student who died a month after Sharky. Believe it or not, he fell off a building to the top of the next building... Memories of Sharky and Xavier are choking me today. I feel sick, but writing this is making me feel a bit better. I remember that the last time I talked to Xavier was on the steps in front of the library, less than a week before he died. Right now I really want to talk to someone who knew Sharky and/or Xavier too.