Some important things:

1. I'm starting to like Franz Ferdinand. Sheesh. It's because in the SM North branch of Fully Booked I discovered Sound Bites: Eating on Tour With Franz Ferdinand written by the band's singer and guitarist Alex Kapranos. It seems like an interesting book for foodies and music lovers like me. I want to read it! I checked out the band's music online and I like it!

2. I watched Spider-man 3 with my mom, JP, and Brian. I like how it's a movie about forgiveness and redemption. =) The Spider-man movie trilogy is truly the chronicle of a hero. The first movie is about the hero's coming of age/initiation. The gaining of powers and responsibilities. The second movie is about truly accepting those responsibilities and the sacrifices, pain, and loneliness that comes with being a hero. Then the third movie is about not letting all that power get to your head. Good stuff! =)

3. Have you guys tried Cerealicious? =D There are several branches throughout the Metro Manila area. I go to the SM North branch for my cereal snack fix. =D Last Sunday I had "The Gummi Returns" cereal bowl: Honey Stars cereal with icy and foamy milk (it's their special blend/secret ingredient - the cereal doesn't get soggy!!!!!!), gummi bears, marshmallows, and vanilla ice cream. Today I had Coco Pops cereal with their special milk, choco pebbles, marshmallows, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate syrup. I think next Sunday I will try Cap'n Crunch cereal with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! =9


Jillian said…

I just want to let you know how much I've appreciated your positive comments and words of support and encouragement over the past couple of weeks. I haven't been spending very much time reading my "blog faves," which explains why I haven't been around your blog much (even though I like keeping up with you!). Your comments have been like little rays of sunshine in my comment box, and I want you to know that it hasn't gone unnoticed. :)

Thank you!!

Oh, and I've got to say that that cereal stuff sounds DISGUSTING! LOL But that's probably because I only eat all natural and organic cereals, having gone off the "junk stuff" years ago. I think I would lapse into an immediate sugar coma if I ate a bowlful of that stuff you just described!!
Tarie said…
You are very welcome, Jill! I like reading your blog (Isn't it obvious?) because it is positive, interesting, engrossing, encouraging, and inspiring. =) Oh and Cerealicious serves healthy stuff too! You can order bowls of wholesome cereal and add apples, bananas, raisins, peaches, etc. =9
Jillian said…
Well then, why are you eating the NASTY STUFF? LOL


Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I think you hold the distinction of my being the regular reader who is farthest away!