How was your week, Tarie?

Hmmm. Work is a challenge (as it should be). For the next two months or so we have to design syllabi, lesson plans, etc. for a special project. This week I was working on materials for teaching "talking about work" and the past tense to ESL/EFL students in the elementary level. (To clarify: the learners are adults - French, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Brazilian, Chinese, etc. - but are not fluent in English.) Teaching beginners is not my forte so I asked to start designing the lesson plans for the intermediate level next week.

I haven't been able to draw/paint this week. =( Hopefully next week I can continue a colored pencil drawing that I am proud of (so far - tee hee). I'm still savoring every event in Haruki Murakami's Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World. I'm still watching anime with my younger brothers: Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note. And guess who's here! O-nii-chan is in town for a week or two. Yay! Mom is going back to General Santos City on Monday. (She stayed with us for around three months.) On that note, advanced Happy Mothers' Day!!! =)


bb said…
Ooh, you have a drawing. that's nice. Happy Mama's day to your Mom!
Anonymous said…
Have you posted any of your drawings? I don't recall seeing any of them, but I would love to!

Ari Baking and Books)
Tarie said…
Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. *looks nervous* I don't know if any of the drawings will be good enough to post here. o_O