Did you know that cherry blossoms fall five centimeters per second?

I watched Makoto Shinkai's Oukashou (Extract of Cherry Blossom) two times over the weekend. And I would watch it again. It's the first in "a chain of short stories about their distance." It's a beautiful story about young love. *sigh* Extract of Cherry Blossom is 30 poetic and romantic minutes of beautiful animation about LONGING.
"Akari's warmth...Akari's soul. How could I reach them? Where could I take them?"
"'All I want is the strength to protect her,' I thought intently."
- Tohno Takaki (Extract of Cherry Blossom)
I'm glad I watched Extract of Cherry Blossom with my brothers Martin (O-nii-chan) and JP. They helped me understand the male character by giving male perspectives of the story. Martin and JP loved Extract of Cherry Blossom too, by the way. It's a touching story. A heart-breaking story. It was a bit painful to watch the first time around. The only thing I don't like about the story is the fact that it stirred up feelings of LONGING within me. =( But that is how I know it is a good story: it evokes feelings from its audience!