My birthday

My birthday this year was better than my birthday last year. Yay! =D I was able to celebrate with my family and friends and I ate lots of yummy food and received lots of nice presents. =D (For some reason, this year I literally got dozens of pretty handbags as gifts. =)) My loved ones started greeting me (in person or through text messages/cellphone calls) midnight and some are still wishing me well today. Hehehe. I had to work the morning of my birthday. I had my class for the intensive English language program of the language learning center. I had lunch with my language center family (I had Japanese food) and we devoured upside down apple pie (baked by my best friend CY) with vanilla ice cream. =9 CY and I went shopping in the afternoon. My mom (who's in town visiting) cooked/prepared delicious food for a special family dinner: salad, Asian noodles, barbeque pork and chicken, and a tapioca dessert with fruits. And there was yet more upside down apple pie a la mode from CY. =) CY's upside down apple pie is warm, very sweet comfort food that reminds me of snow/winter and Christmas! =)

The best part is my birthday celebration isn't over yet! I'm still going to celebrate next week with the loved ones I didn't get to spend time with yesterday. =)


Oh Birthday Woman! Happy birthday. I feel like I missed a special occasion... should I eat cake in your honor?
Tarie Sabido said…
If I can be of some help getting you to enjoy yummy cake, then yes, please do eat some cake in my honor. =D
Jillian said…
Happy belated birthday! I haven't been visiting my "blog friends" in a while -- hence the VERY late birthday greeting.

My sister's birthday is on September 22. A lovely time of year for a birthday!