I have a long weekend ahead of me. =) There are no classes on Monday because it's a national holiday - the death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino (he's considered a Filipino martyr). Hmmm, my pastor once said that we are probably the only nation that celebrates death anniversaries. You guys should see the Philippines when it's Halloween. We have parties in the cemetaries! I'm serious! Anyway, I'm just glad that I have an extra day off. =)

Plans for this weekend:

Watch Click and The Ant Bully (I got free movie tickets!)

Go to Starbucks at least once (I love coffee, I love Starbucks, and I need the caffeine this weekend. Plus, the American Medical Association has just announced that coffee reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease,and cirrhosis of the liver. I'm celebrating the affirmation of my favorite drink!)

Finally finish reading Women In Love by D.H. Lawrence

Find vcds of the movie adaptations of A Room With A View, Women In Love, or The French Lieutenant's Woman for my MA class. (We want to watch a movie during our next meeting.)

Get lots of extra rest and sleep

And of course, watch lots of Naruto episodes and maybe also the first Naruto movie =)


bb said…
What happened to your layout? Try republishing your blog.

You've got a lot to do. I like the last part of your list, even though I don't watch Naruto. And, I also like Ninoy! =P
Tarie Sabido said…
I always republish my blog. Argh! And the thing is, the format isn't screwed up when I check my blog on OTHER computers.