Why I Love Japanese Culture

1. The Japanese students of the language center are always nice. They are serious, hard-working, cooperative/obedient students of the English language.

2. Japanese food is healthy and delicious.

3. Video games - I love video games!

4. My current obsession (I research on it and everything): NARUTO!!! My brothers and I have been watching episodes of the intense and exciting Japanese cartoon series Naruto (on dvd - sometimes we watch up to seven episodes in one sitting). (My brothers are also playing the video game.) Right now I can't get enough of Naruto. =D I think it's an excellent cartoon series. Sometimes the show even touches me. And I like the themes and the elements of Japanese history it explores. The TV show is based on the Naruto Japanese comic books. Now I want to read and enjoy the comic books and study them as children's literature. =D I wonder how much each issue is...

P.S. My weekend plans: Shopping, watching more episodes of Naruto with my brothers, watching Miami Vice with Kuya (my older brother), reading A Room With A View by E.M. Forster for my M.A. class, and working out to Carmen Electra's aerobic striptease series.


bb said…
I want to watch Miami Vice. I've seen a few episodes of the old TV series and it features Ferari cars.
You play video games and watch anime?! I didn't expect that from you. wow! you're so cool. hahah. Do you know that a Manga issue (anime comic book) costs around $10? It's better to download a copy in the internet. Why are you working out? You're not fat.
Tarie said…
I didn't like Miami Vice. =( I was bored while watching it. It didn't seem any different from all those other crime-policemen-detective-FBI movies. I usually don't go to the restroom in the middle of a movie because I don't want to miss anything. But for Miami Vice I didn't have a problem walking out in the middle of it to go to the restroom. My Kuya Martin liked the movie a lot though. He plays AirSoft (war games) and he says that the main "shoot out" scene in Miami Vice was the best "gun scene" he's ever seen. After watching Miami Vice on Sunday night my brothers and I watched nine episodes of Naruto. Now THAT made me happy. =D OF COURSE I play video games! But I admit that I've only recently gotten into anime. Wasn't I already cool when I was still your teacher? =P Thanks for the information on manga. And thanks for saying that I'm not fat. Hahaha. =D
bb said…
Ow..I haven't seen the movie yet because we have a lot of projects and exams. :( We even made a miniature robot out of Lego bricks..
Hey, I didn't say that you weren't cool when you were my teacher.