Today one of my students from last semester ("C") told me that he was able to do well in his Lit 14 (poetry and drama) summer class because of me (his Lit13 -short story and novel- teacher). Awwwwww. *Sniff* This is why I am a teacher. =D Thank you "C"!!! Today I also talked to one of my students from two years ago ("A"). His younger sister ("J") is my student this semester. She told him that I was a "terror" teacher. He disagreed and said that I was really nice. That she just has to work really hard to get a good grade in my class. Thank you "A"! =) =) =)

Weekend plans:

Check students' work (responses to a short story, paraphrases, summaries)
Read Women In Love
Read the August issue of Vogue
Get lots of sleep
Watch as many episodes of Naruto as possible!
Prepare for my 7:30 a.m. class on Monday
Go to church