I've been -

Watching: Naruto. Lots and lots and lots of Naruto. =D With my brothers. =)

Reading: Women In Love by D.H. Lawrence (for my MA class)

Eating: Japanese food

Drinking: Iced green tea (I like it lemon-flavored)

Listening to: The radio and music from the Naruto soundtrack

Working on: Preparing for classes and checking students' papers, as usual. And preparing for the mid-terms I'm giving next week.

Why is my blog all screwy these days??? Did I accidently change the format??? =( I don't know how to fix it!


roy said…
haha. nice! you're also watching naruto! kage bunshin no jutsu! =D i got hooked into it. i think it was a weekend and i didnt leave my PC for about 3 days (except to perform actions that will support bodily functions) just to catch up with the episodes. haha. but now, the series is getting boring..lots of fillers..episode 190-something. oh well, i guess i'll just be reading the manga for now.

who's your favorite naruto character by the way?

for the naruto soundtrack, i like the one with drums that they usually play when some battle is going to happen.
Tarie said…
I'm obsessed with Naruto. =D My favorite characters are: Naruto, Rock Lee, Gai, Kakashi, Hinata, and Gaara. But really, I love everyone! Except for Orochimaru of course. But sometimes he looks beautiful, hmmm... Who are your favorite characters? Where do you get the manga??? I also like the music with lots of drums. =D
roy said…
I download the manga. I get them from sites like narutocentral.com or narutochaos.com. you have to be a member to download. but membership is free. just asking about the usual username and password.

favorite characters: hyuuga neji, uchiha sasuke, uchiha itachi, nara shikamaru, hatake kakashi, gaara, and of course uzumaki naruto...

(hand seals) Chidori!

Too bad i dont know how to do the hand seals. A 5th year ECE guy knows how. maybe i can ask him to teach me. haha. Then i can borrow his forhead protector. And soon, we'll start a cosplay. haha.

orochimaru, beautiful? hmmm..everytime i hear his name, i always imagine him sticking the Kusunagi sword out of his mouth...professional sword swallower..haha
Tarie said…
My brothers and I make up our own hand seals. They're hilarious. LOL. So I guess you can say we make up our own ninja techniques. Hahaha! I guess we are ahead of you cause my brothers are already black belts in taekwondo and I'm a red belt. =P (Thanks for the manga information by the way.)
Tarie said…
P.S. I noticed that your favorite characters are the loners. =P
roy said…
welcome. haha..loners. should that say anything? =D nara shikamaru isnt a loner. he's with his best friend akimichi chouji.

hatake kakashi somehow stopped being a loner. his team mates ended up dead (and you'll probably read about them in the kakashi gaiden episodes in the manga) and he reformed into a perennial latecomer who reads ero-sennin's novels.

you could say they are all Konoha geniuses..hehe..but i'm not saying that says anything as well..haha..

who else is there in the naruto series that has a little bit of "spice" or and exciting twist or ability into them who isnt a loner? tenten? ino? hinata? kasuma? kurenai? kiba? sarutobi? gai and rock lee? ero-sennin jiraiya-sama? the frogs gamabunta and his sons? pakkun, kakashi's dog? tsunade? tonton, tsunade's pig? orochimaru's henchman (the guy with glasses whose name i forgot)?

i think abarame shino is more a loner than anyone there.

did you get to watch samurai x? kenshin himura a.k.a. battousai the slasher? did you like it?
Tarie said…
Kabuto, his name is Kabuto. The right hand man of Orochimaru. I hate him... I tried getting into Samurai X. I just couldn't. I was bored with every episode I watched.
roy said…
Yeah. Kabuto. I think he's just true to his ninja nature with the deception and all that.

Samurai X, boring? really? Now why didnt i get bored with that? Maybe because i when i watched it, it was on Studio 23 and it was aired only every Sunday. So, i cant get enough after 1 episode.

You might want to try Bleach. also another anime. it's similar to samurai x in the sense that they are doing battle with their swords. But it's similar to Ghost Fighter in the sense that it involves the Spirit world. The first 16 or 17 episodes are a bit boring. But it builds up the story and the twists for later. Once you get past episode 20, you'll never stop until around 70+. But there's also too much blood. More graphic with the sword slashing than samurai x. You'll get to see the protagonist wounded a lot of times and wonder if he doesnt get anemic or something. i borrowed retcher's bleach dvd. hehe