It was another cold and REALLY rainy weekend in Metro Manila, Philippines. Typhoon Glenda is in the country/passing through the country. I woke up 4:30 this morning because I have a 7:30 class to teach. I soon found out that classes are actually suspended today because of the storm. Classes were suspended probably also because President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is delivering the State of the Nation address today. Why cancel classes because of a State of the Nation address? Because there will probably be several protests against the government and rallies for the government. Students might want to join a protest or rally and other students should stay home to be far from the possible violence in these demonstrations.

I'm in the language learning center right now getting some work done. Soon I'll head on over to the grocery store and to a bargain book shop. Later Kuya and I will watch a movie. Either Lady in the Water or Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. But my best friend CY said that Lady in the Water has a poor plot that doesn't make sense and her father fell asleep during the movie. And Jill from Beat Your Own Drum says that the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie also has a poor plot. So hmmm... What to watch?

Anyway, don't you guys just love rainy weekends? =D I sure do! Especially when they end up being long weekends. =D


Natalie said…
Okay... I agree, Pirates is all over the place with it's *plot* and may have been written and edited by forty different people, and YET... it's like a Big Bang for your buck, humongous entertainment fiesta. It's a creative, special effects bonanza. It's fun, scary, wild.. it's like the fast-paced cheap thrill you get from an amusement park ride.
Tarie said…
So we ended up watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and I'm glad we did. =) It was a fun movie. We enjoyed watching it. =) I loved Davy Jones! The only thing I didn't like about the movie was "what Elizabeth did at the end" (don't wanna give a spoiler). I didn't like Kiera Knightley or her character in the first Pirates movie either. I actually don't like Kiera Knightley at all.
Jillian said…
Oh, I was just going to say, "CHOOSE PIRATES!" and am glad to see that you did. I saw the trailer for the other movie and thought it looked HORRIBLE!

Davy Jones was really good, I agree! And "what Elizabeth did at the end" really disturbed me, too. It seemed so out of character -- didn't it? Hopefully the third movie will shed a bit of light on the reasoning behind that.

BTW....I recently purchased "THE WELL TRAINED MIND," thanks to your recommendation! I'm kinda skipping the "elementary" part because I disagree with all that early drilling (I'm much more of an "unschooler" at that age level), but the high school level stuff, which is what I REALLY need, is going to be quite helpful!!

Soooo....thank you very much for the recommendation! :)
Tarie said…
I'm happy I was able to help. =)