I celebrate the year Superman returns.

Last Thursday I watched Superman. Friday I watched Superman II and III. Saturday I watched Superman IV and Superman Returns. I am now watching episodes of Smallville. I am now officially a fan of Superman. I used to be a Marvel girl. I will always love the X-Men, but I have defected to DC comics. =) They have Superman AND Batman! =) I'm IN LOVE with Superman. <3 The character, I mean. (Ok, fine. I admit I'm also in love with the late Christopher Reeve.) But if you wanna talk about the actors who have played Superman, I say that Christopher Reeve will forever be Superman for me. Sorry Brandon Routh. You're cute, you're handsome. I know you channeled Christopher Reeve's Superman in your performance. Still, your Superman does not hold a candle to Reeve's Superman. For one, Reeve looked better in the tights and cape. Maybe that's because he was more broad-shouldered. Maybe that was because he was taller and had a better body. Maybe it was because your new suit had obviously fake muscles. I dunno.

And since we are comparing Supermans, I have to say that Superman Returns is a good movie. Definitely a better movie than Superman III and IV. But Superman I and II are still the best. Aside from Reeve being a better Superman than Routh, I didn't like how there was not enough focus on Superman in the new movie. Not enough close ups. Not enough of the iconic shots. Not enough of Superman in Superman Returns! There wasn't enough focus on Superman because there was too much about Lois Lane, her son Jason, and Lois' new guy Richard (who I felt to be a completely useless character). I want Superman! I want more Superman! But what I got was Lois Lane, Richard, and Jason. Yech.
I read in a review of the new movie that Bryan Singer is a fan of Superman the movie. That was obvious. Superman Returns is like an homage to Superman the movie. I found the references and allusions to Superman delightful. But I believe there are Superman fans like me who sensed that there was something wrong. And there it is: I also found out in the review that Bryan Singer is not a fan of the Superman comics. How can you get a director like that for the new Superman movie??? I thought it was obvious Singer wasn't a big fan of Superman. =(


Not enough Superman in Superman Returns? What a travesty! We're waiting to Netflix it.

Tarie said…
Not enough Superman in Superman Returns. My friend even thinks that the movie is about Lois Lane and her relationship with Superman. =( (And of course the movie should be about Superman and his relationship with Lois Lane, or just about Superman.)
bb said…
I haven't seen the movie yet but i agree on some of your observations on the movie. Looking at the poster, I'm not convinced of Superman's stature although I think he fits the role.

I've watched the Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest and I enjoyed it. Our prof told me that It's a trilogy. And I also so the Eragon movie poster. Yay!