Ant in My Pants

Yesterday there was an ant crawling on me under my jeans. Specifically, it was crawling on my left butt cheek. And the ant bit me! Of course my butt got itchy and I wanted to scratch. But I was in front of my students. I was actually facilitating a class at that time. I just tried to ignore it. I did sneak in a few scratches - through my jeans of course! I didn't stick my hand down there in front of my students. Hahaha.


bb said…
Funny story..Haha. I also had a similar experience when I was presenting a report on our Environmental Engneering class..that was 2nd yr. haha
Ha! You have way more self control than I. I'd have been running and jumping around the classroom trying to shake the thing out!

Natalie said…
I feel itchy just thinking about it!