Ten Things About Because of Winn-Dixie*

1. I don't like the movie as a movie (for one thing it's too slow for me), but I like it as the movie adaptation of the children's novel by Kate DiCamillo. The movie reminded me about all the beautiful things/parts in the novel. It even made me want to read the novel again, even though I read it just a month ago (I wrote a post about it on April 30).

2. The soundtrack was cool and beautiful.

3. Dave Matthews as Otis is brilliant.

4. AnnaSophia Robb is cute as India Opal. (I'm looking forward to watching her as Leslie in the movie adaptation of Bridge to Terabithia.)

5. Winn-Dixie (I don't know the name of the dog who played him - haha!) is of course very likeable. (I hope I get my own dog soon!)

6. The landscape/setting of "Naomi, Florida" was great.

7. I was a bit disappointed with the acting in the movie. =(

8. The movie of course wasn't exactly like the book, but it was beautifully faithful to it. =)

9. It makes me like Walden Media even more. [I'm looking forward to their adaptation of Lois Lowry's The Giver. =)]

10. I liked the adorable animals in Gertrude's Pet Store. (Man, I need my own pets.)

*I was excited to finally be able to watch this because I finally read the book and I read in Fuse #8 Production that this is one of the best movies based on children's books.

P.S. I've been spending hours watching one of my favorite tv shows, The West Wing. I love how it's intelligent, interesting, and fast-paced entertainment. I'm addicted!