Tag, you're it.

5 Things In My Fridge:

1. bagoong with gata (that's shrimp paste with coconut milk, a stinky but yummy Filipino condiment)
2. tuna from General Santos City (the tuna capital of the Philippines and my mom's hometown)
3. Chock full o'Nuts coffee (original blend)
4. Del Monte Sweet Blend ketchup
5. tapa (the Filipino version of beef jerky)

5 Things In My Closet:

1. my secret stash of money
2. my clothes and underwear
3. some of my bags/purses
4. my jewelry
5. old letters from friends from high school

5 Things In My Purse:

1. Chap Stick (cherry flavored)
2. Strepsils (orange flavored)
3. Vitress hair polish
4. paper soap (lavender scented)
5. Bench Prescribe facial absorbent paper


Lavender scented paper soap? That sounds like a neat item to have in your purse! I just carry the liquid gel stuff, not nearly as cool. :)