I got a kick out of this

You know how in student evaluations of teachers there is always a question like "What do you dislike the most about the teacher"? I was reading this essay about student evaluations and I came across the idea of a follow up question: "What intellectual or characterological flaws in you does that dislike point to?"


P.S. I didn't know "characterological" was a word.


Natalie said…
It shore is a fancee word! I'm gonna use it a lot!
Anonymous said…
Oh how I WISH that had been on the question form I had to give my students at the end of the year! lol

Tarie said…
Here's what I think about evaluations from students: Student evaluations of teachers can be very helpful. Thoughtful, intelligent, and considerate students can give constructive criticism and good suggestions. Teachers do need to know their strengths and weaknesses. BUT we really shouldn't give student evaluations too much weight. Students do not know anything about pedagogy; educational philosophies and principles; teaching approaches and methods, etc. And they often do not understand the value of what they are doing and learning until they have graduated and are out in "the real world." Honestly, many times I do wish that follow up question was on the evaluation forms!

P.S. I will use "characterological" a lot now too! =)