Winn-Dixie and Honey-Vanilla Latte

Last night (my younger brother) JP and I were in Starbucks (Katipunan branch of course). JP was re-copying his notes from his Math 14 (summer) class and drinking a chocolate afogato. (He re-copies his notes to study/review and to make sure he has neat notes. Yuck - I hate math. Well, so does JP, but he's stuck with it for now.) I was reading Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo*, a Newbery Honor Book for the year 2001, and drinking a honey-vanilla latte (and writing this post actually hehe).

I read about honey-vanilla latte on, which by the way is my new favorite blog to read =), and started craving for it. I decided to "make" honey-vanilla latte using my friendly neighborhood Starbucks. (I looove Starbucks.) I ordered a caffe latte (grande) and told the barista to add vanilla flavor. Then I added two packets of that Knott's honey Starbucks has to the coffee. The result? The honey and vanilla flavors in the latte were subtle, so if you try this you might want to add more honey and/or more vanilla. I enjoyed drinking my honey-vanilla latte experiment. It tasted comforting and "toasty" [as in that warm "toasty" feeling - yes it tasted like that feeling =)]. The honey offered a nice different kind of sweetness for my coffee and I actually don't really like vanilla so I'm glad the vanilla flavor was subtle. Haha. =) The honey-vanilla latte also reminded me a bit of the toffee nut latte (which I like) Starbucks has during the Christmas season.

I'm curious about Starbucks' summer season specials of banana cream frappuccino (so that would basically be a banana milkshake I guess) and banana chocolate chip loaf (banana bread with chocolate chips?). I don't really like bananas either, but I'm still curious. Hehe. =) (JP and his Fuwannie Goo say the banana mocha frappuccino and banana caramel frappuccino are nothing special though.)

(*So far I think that the ten-year-old main character Opal is projecting herself onto her dog Winn-Dixie and it's a bit heart-breaking.)