Who is your favorite celebrity and why? If you aren't much into celebrity watching, why is that?

My favorite celebrities are Natalie Portman and Alicia Keys, because they are beautiful, talented, and intelligent. =) I find celebrity watching fun, entertaining, and sometimes even educational. =)

In your opinion, if six celebrities could win the following awards, who would win: Most Beautiful (inside and out), Most Idiotic, Most Shallow, Most Generous, Least Likely to be Remembered in 20 years, Most Temperamental?

Most Beautiful (inside and out): Natalie Portman and Alicia Keys
Most Idiotic: There are too many idiots in Hollywood.
Most Shallow: There are too many shallow people in Hollywood.
Most Generous: Oprah
Least Likely to be Remembered in 20 years: All those new boy bands. See? I don't even know their names. I'm just vaguely aware that there are some new boy bands out there.
Most Temperamental: Russell Crowe and the other celebrities who beat up photographers

List one other made up award and who you would give it to:

Biggest Dick Award (I mean this in the very negative way.): Tom Cruise, I hate him.

Do you think that society's fascination with celebrity is justified? Explain.

Yes, society's FASCINATION with celebrity is justified. These celebrities entertain us for a living and their lives also entertain us. We celebrity watch for fun and for entertainment. It's also to keep up with popular culture, which isn't a bad thing, it can actually be a good thing. =) But society's OBSESSION with celebrity is NOT justified. There are some people out there who need to get a life and let the celebrities have their own.

Are there any celebrities you would want to meet in person? Why would you want to meet them?

I would like to meet any celebrity whose work I admire. =) I would like to congratulate them on their good work! =)

Is there any celebrity who might actually make you swoon if you met them?

Paul Walker would make me swoon. His smile makes me melt!

What do you think about the way celebrities are hounded by paparazzi and gossip magazines?

The paparazzi and gossip magazines should stop being violent and too intrusive. Respect the privacy of the celebrities. There IS such a thing as TOO MUCH.

List Making

10 happy thoughts:

2-JP (my brother)
3-Brian (my brother)
4-Kuya Martin (my brother)
5-Isaac (one of my best friends)
7-movies to watch =)
8-people reading and liking my blog (I hope this is true.)
9-reading the archives of
10-cousins =)

9 of your favorite things:

3-fantasy literature
4-children's literature
5-interesting people
9-watching movies (This list isn't long enough for me. I want to keep on listing my favorite things!)

8 reasons to _____ (fill in the blank):

8 reasons to smile

1-best friendships

7 things you would like to receive as gifts:

2-jewelry (especially earrings and diamonds)

6 people you know who would be interesting fictional characters:

1-my mom (perfect for a soap opera)
2-my dad (perfect for a soap opera)

5 addictions:

5-the Internet

4 dream jobs:

1-teaching fantasy and/or children's literature
2-food/restuarant writer/critic
3-model scout
4-getting paid to read hehehe

3 wishes you would make if you found a magical genie in a lamp:

1-an all-expense paid two month vacation in Europe with my best friend CY
2-an all-expense paid month long vacation on the beach with my family and relatives
3-lots and lots of pocket money to support the first two wishes =)

2 places you would like to visit:

2-New York City (This list isn't long enough either. Let me cheat by adding my hometown Las Vegas.)

1 memory that comes to mind:

1-I had spent time with my cousins Stephanie and Sabrina when we were all living in Metro Manila. Then my family moved to the US. I saw Stephanie and Sabrina again several years later when they moved to Las Vegas too. When we were "reunited" they were fresh from a bath and I couldn't tell them apart. They looked like twins to me. I had to ask, "Which one is Stephanie and which one is Sabrina?"