I am Prince Caspian and Cedric Diggory!

According to the Narnia personality quiz from www.narniaweb.com, I am like Prince Caspian. "As Prince Caspian you are a noble, goodhearted but mischievous scallywag! Fun loving, you are admired for your easy going nature."

And according to the Harry Potter personality quiz (from the same website) I am part of Gryffindor House and like Cedric Diggory. "As a member of Gryffindor, you are brave and loyal." "As Cedric, you are good looking, cool and popular. You are a natural born leader, and are talented and resourceful."

Um, why am I male characters?


Anonymous said…
you are a man on the inside?

or maybe its coz you are tough on the outside :P
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