I Do Not Want To Go To Gensan For Christmas

I am being forced to go to my mother's hometown of General Santos City (in Mindanao) for Christmas. I'm taking a ship to Gensan that leaves Manila on the 21st. (I will be with Neneng, a great church friend who is from Gensan.) I will be in Gensan by the 23rd. I will spend Christmas in Gensan then leave by ship on the 30th and arrive in Manila by Jan. 1 (News Year's on the ship?!). My brother Brian will probably take a plane to Gensan on the 23rd because he has a taekwondo camp to attend until the 22nd. We will take the ship back to Manila together. My other brother JP will be left here in Manila for Christmas because of work. I cannot believe Brian and I will have to celebrate Christmas without JP! =( =( =( =( =( =( This will be our first -and hopefully last!- time to be separated during the holiday season. =( =( =( =( =( =(

A lot of my relatives will be in Gensan for Christmas. I love my relatives and I am close to them. We are really a family-oriented bunch. My older brothers are in Gensan and it's good that I'll get to spend time with them again. My not wanting to go to Gensan has nothing to do with my brothers and relatives. I do not like Gensan as a city. It is really boring in Gensan. A person like me doesn't have much to do there. I'm a city slicker. I love the noise and activity of big cities. (I consider New York City the best place in the world.) Plus, I have a lot of really terrible memories from Gensan (high school memories). I won't recount the memories here. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings through this blog. But they are really horrible memories from the time I lived in Gensan. They are so bad that I haven't been to Gensan in five years. And I am only going there this year because I am being forced to.

So for several weeks now I have been going out every night, really experiencing Manila and spending time with my friends because I know that I will miss Manila and my friends when I am in Gensan. I've been trying my best to experience "the holiday season in Manila" while I can.