The Food Lover's Write-Off

My favorite:

1. Soft Drink: Pepsi Twist

2. Ice Cream Flavor: I love, love, love ice cream, but I don’t really have a favorite ice cream flavor.

3. Fast Food Restaurant: McDonald’s

4. Type of Pizza: Lots and lots and lots of cheese!

5. Thanksgiving Dinner: Of course turkey with cranberry sauce or gravy, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie

6. Snack Food: It really depends on my mood…

7. Side Dish: Mashed potatoes

8. Food to Eat While Driving: I don’t drive.

9. Food for Breakfast: Oh man, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. The perfect breakfast is waffles with lots of butter and syrup, scrambled eggs, sausages, milk, orange juice, and coffee.

10. Sit-Down Restaurant: Aveneto, Bubba Gump’s, Bon Apetit, Chocolate Kiss

11. Italian Dish: I love all Italian dishes! Italian food is my favorite. =)

12. Chinese Dish: I don’t have a favorite Chinese dish.

13. Sandwich: I love subways.

14. Cheese: I love all kinds of cheese!!!!!! =9

15. Donut: I’m not into donuts.

16. Type of dessert: All kinds of dessert. I live for dessert! =)

17. Type of Cake: I’m not really into cakes either.

18. Vegetable: Okra – it’s an aphrodisiac too!

19. Fruit: Pomegranates and tomatoes (Yes, a tomato is a fruit.)

20. Food In Bed: I don’t eat in bed.

21. Beer: I DON’T DRINK.

22. Drink With Dinner: Water is still the best…

23. Fruit Juice: Orange juice

and Finally...

24. What is your favorite meal? Pizza, pizza, pizza, and more pizza. It’s my favorite food. I think I could have pizza every day. =)


Tin (ni Johann) said…
LEt's go do the Eat-All-You-Can at Pizza Hut!!!
bb said…
Is there really an EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN at Pizza Hut??! Cute outline of your most wanted food. heheh But i agree with you in your favorite meal. :)
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