September 21, 2005

I have an eye infection, apparently because of my contact lenses. So I can't wear my contact lenses for while. On Tuesday I woke up looking like Quasimodo - my left eye really swollen. I looked like a freak. Anyway, it was a blessing in disguise. Because of my eye infection I couldn't really work this week. So I got a little break from work this week. =)

My eye infection didn't negatively affect my birthday, thank God. Mike called me midnight to greet me Happy Birthday. He was officially the very first person to greet me on my birthday. (He was also the very first one to greet me on my birthday last year.) You're the best, Mike! =)

A lot of other friends, relatives, colleagues, and students texted me on my birthday. I was actually surprised by some of the text messages I received. There were some people who I really didn't expect to greet me - I thought that they would forget my birthday or that they didn't even know when my birthday was. So I was pleasantly surprised and really touched by the text messages I received on my birthday. I was especially touched by the birthday greetings from my students. A special hello to my La Salle and Ateneo students! I love you guys!!!. =)

I had my birthday lunch with Peter in Bubba Gump's. Man I really stuffed myself there. I had my birthday dinner with Brian, Mom (she's visiting me from Gensan), Dad (he's visiting me from the States), and Tita Baby at home. Again, I stuffed myself. I felt like my stomach was going to split open!

My dad bought me a cake and roses. I was so shocked and really touched when I saw my dad holding roses for me. (He's never given me roses.) I almost cried. I was so happy. =)

I don't think a birthday is complete without people singing Happy Birthday to me, cake, making a wish, and blowing out candles. Hehehe. And I am so grateful and thankful that I had all those things for my birthday. =) =) =)

Today I was able to have a belated birthday celebration with everyone in the ALLC. I brought pancit for everyone. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. =) I'm really happy. =) People singing Happy Birthday is really important to me. =) Hehehe.

Right now I'm going to have a belated birthday celebration with CY and Corinne. =)

I'm really happy!!! =)