Reviews on Christopher Paolini's Works...

I've been doing a bit of internet research on Christopher Paolini, Eragon, and Eldest. I found some reviews that mirror my own thoughts and feelings on the author and his two books:

"Some reviewers have accused Paolini's 'hero on a quest' plot line and characters that include dwarfs and elves of being derivative of fantasy classics such as The Lord of the Rings." (Vancouver Sun)

"Billed as the first of the 'Inheritance' trilogy, 'Eragon' borrowed wholesale from J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings' and Anne McCaffrey's 'The Dragonriders of Pern' series... Critics and kids alike embraced 'Eragon,' awed perhaps as much by Paolini's inspirational back story as by the book's mythic scope and noble teen hero. Caught up in the hype, I read 'Eragon' to my two sons and found it ambitious, exciting and flawed, the work of an obviously talented but unseasoned author still feeling his way around language, pacing and original character development. So I was especially interested to see how Paolini had matured as a novelist in his sophomore effort [Eldest]..." (Denise Hamilton of The Los Angeles Times)

"Read [Eldest] if you liked the first one, or want a quick throw-away fantasy with more plot movement than fresh ideas." (Books Blog)


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Hi there Ms. Sabido! I didn't know it was your birthday last sept. 21. well, happy birthday! :) I hope your doing fine! The eragon site is cool, i like the smoke effect in the intro. I'm planning to visit you next week or on Oct.12. Tell me if you'll be ok with that. ;) Maybe, i'll be with Andrea. Do you still remember her?