What's New With Tarie

So what's new with me? Well, lately I haven't been in the mood to blog. Maybe it's because I've been too busy to blog or too impatient to blog because of all the other things I need to do. Maybe it's because nothing exciting has happened to me lately. Or maybe it's because I'm not excited about life lately. =( I feel like all I ever do is work. I really want a break/vacation. I want to travel. I want to read more for leisure.

Well, so what is new with me? Module A for the IELP of the ALLC is ending next week. There will be a one week "hiatus" then Module B will begin. CY wants to bow out of Module B to work on her MA papers. Honestly, I need time to work on my MA papers too. But I also need and want the money I'll get for/from Module B, so I'll still teach for Module B. That is, of course, if Ma'am April will have me. =) Tina tells me to suffer from a hectic schedule with teaching Ateneo classes AND Module B for the IELP AND my MA work so that I can have money to have a nice sem break. I guess the money will be worth it. =) I can buy new clothes (which I badly need) and I can travel during the sem break. Plus, I do have to help my mom out financially every once in a while.

It was Isaac's birthday yesterday (August 19) and it will be CY's birthday exactly one week from now (August 27). Corinne's birthday is August 28. Happy Birthday Isaac, CY, and Corinne! =) =) =) Isaac, CY, and I will celebrate next week. =) I guess I can't blog about my gifts for my friends cause they might read this and that will ruin everything. =)

Yesterday was also the third year anniversary of my first date with Peter. =) We celebrated it on Thursday though (August 18) because he had work yesterday. We ate an early dinner in China Star in The Podium (the food was good, but not spectacular and the service was bad), then we watched Must Love Dogs in Megamall. I was pretty smug while watching Must Love Dogs because Peter and I already found each other! ;) I think it was a good anniversary celebration. =) I think we were both reminded of how much we love each other. =) My anniversary gift for Peter was numbers 1-10 of The X-Men comic books. He bought me a nice blouse that I've wanted for some time now. =)

The book I'm reading now is French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret to Eating for Pleasure. =) I'm enjoying reading it. =) I find the book fun, interesting, and helpful. I'm enjoying learning about the food/eating culture in France and the book is giving beautiful, pleasurable, practical, and fuss-free/hassle-free/relatively easy tips for losing weight, getting healthier, living well, and enjoying shopping for food/cooking/eating. The book even includes wonderful, simple, and delicious recipes. I think that following the French philosophy (yes, PHILOSOPHY) for food will prove to be very helpful, rewarding, healthy, and pleasurable. The hard part will be adjusting. Because right now, for obvious reasons, I am eating the American and Filipino ways. But so far those ways are not the healthiest for me, so it wouldn't hurt if I try the French way. =)

I'm in the English department of Ateneo right now. I was just working with Charlene on some paperwork due next week for our IELP class. I'll go home now to have dinner and continue reading French Women Don't Get Fat! I'm really enjoying it and learning from it! =)

P.S. My dad is here from the States...


Chas said…
hey there!

funny you should mention "French Women Don't Get Fat". Much as it hurts to admit, I am fat and wish to adopt the french philosophy.

I began by eating s-l-o-w-l-y....it took all I had to do that. what a task! after years of merely inhaling food really fast, i had to muster the will power to actually taste what I was eating. I had a Jollibee super b'fast. I discovered I loved the hotdog, pancake with a bit of garlic fried rice. what a revelation to find out i didn't like beef tapa as much as i thought.

About the advice to use elegant silver- and chinaware, I rent a room for godssakes and don't own a decent set. so i add artificial flowers [they look very, very real] and stick it in those cheap clay pots they sell in robinson's galleria. works like a charm, i feel like elegant royalty.

French women walk around the city a lot. Uhm...try that in smog filled Metro Manila and it lands you in Medical City, with a bottleful of antibiotics.

Fortunately i live and work in Cebu where the worse that can happen is you sneeze away the accumulated dust. So there.

Hey good luck to you in your pursuit of health!