Christopher Paolini's Eldest

The second book of the Inheritance trilogy by Christopher Paolini (the first book was Eragon, I read it over the summer) is now available in the Philippines! =) (The book was out by August 23 in the US.) It's still not available in Powerbooks and National Bookstore though. The hardcover copies of Eldest won't be available in those bookstores until sometime in September (my month!). But paperback copies are already available in Ink&Stone and A Different Bookstore. =) I bought my copy in Ink&Stone in The Podiun just last night with Peter. =) I haven't started reading it yet because I was really sleepy last night and I really should do some work today (not that I've done any work yet today, haha). But I think I'll start reading it tonight. =) Well, I want to start reading it tonight. =) But I should also/want to start reading A Wrinkle In Time...

There's already a website for the movie of Eragon ( There isn't much in the website yet, but I'm glad it's there and of course it will have new features soon. =)