Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I started reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Tuesday. I was supposed to go home and check some proposal paper drafts or take a nap. I did go home and I tried to take a nap but I couldn't fall asleep even though I was so tired. So I started reading Harry Potter! =) Harry Potter books are really hard to put down. I tell myself, "I'll just read one chapter" or "I'll just read this chapter." But I see the picture and the title of the next chapter on the next page and get intrigued. So I read that chapter too and the cycle of "I'll stop at this chapter, but wait! The next chapter looks interesting. I'll read that then stop" starts all over again. Hehehe. I think I'm on the seventh or eighth chapter now. I like what I'm reading so far. =) And I think the pace of events/action is much faster in the Half-Blood Prince than in the other Harry Potter books. I like that. =) That's a good thing for me, more excitement! There was already a major "revelation" in chapter two! It made me re-think everything I had read in the previous five books...


bb said…
I like Harry Potter books even if "The Prisoner of Azkaban" was the only book that I've finished. hehehe! I wish someone in the Phil. could think of a story as good as Harry Potter , LOTR or the Sandman series.

So, you watch SUGO! haha! At home my cousins watch that show to, and i get a glimpse of it then later on i find myself watching it with them. haha!

take care! =p