Good News

Oh, joy! =) Eldest, Book Two of the Inheritance Trilogy, by Christopher Paolini is coming out this August. =) I saw a picture of the cover of Eldest. The cover has a VERY evil-looking red dragon on it. That means one of the other dragon eggs hatches for a bad guy. =( =( =( (I hope the third dragon, which will be green, will hatch for a good guy.) In a newsletter to his fans, Christopher Paolini says he really pushed himself when writing Eldest when it came to technique. That's good because the weakness of The Inheritance Trilogy so far is literary technique. The writing technique of Paolini in Eragon is unsophisticated. In other words, it was a bit obvious, but only language-wise/in the prose, that Eragon was written by a teenager. Eragon the movie will be out June 2006. =)

This is a good year for fantasy literature. =) Book Four of the Artemis Fowl series came out this year. Book Six of the Harry Potter series will come out July. Book Two of the Inheritance Trilogy comes out August. The first Narnia movie comes out December. And next June Eragon the movie comes out. =)

P.S. Every week I answer a new "random question" for my profile. So every week you guys can get to know me better by seeing how I answer silly questions. =)


bb said…
So, this is going to be an interesting year. When i read your entries i get more enticed to fantasy related stories.

I haven't finished Eragon, Inheritance book 1, but i'm half-way thru it. So, far i'm enjoying it. :)