My summer days and Eragon

My days usually start around noon. I usually wake up 10 or 11am. Sometimes I wake up 12nn. I get up and have as big a brunch as I can get (usually leftovers from the previous day's lunch and dinner). Then I get dressed for school. I go to school early because I usually have to go to the library. I have to research, return books, borrow books, etc. I stay in the library to read for my class. I am in FC waiting for Prof. Ancheta outside her wonderfully air-conditioned room (it is so hot and humid outside!) by 2:50.

I'm always the first one to show up for class because I live on campus. I'm outside Prof. Ancheta's room even before Prof. Ancheta is there (she has another class before our class). Our class is 3-5, then CY and I talk and eat until 6. I get home by 7 and at home I watch tv and eat dinner. Then I watch some more tv (Darna!) before washing the dishes and taking a shower. I end my day by reading (usually for my class) until around 2am. If I am reading for leisure, I don't go to sleep until 4am. And even then I go to sleep reluctantly because I want to know what happens next...

I've finally started reading Eragon. I'm almost halfway through the book I think. What do I think of Eragon so far? In terms of the prose, the language used and the way it is used, and the "craft of storytelling/making," it's kinda obvious that a fifteen-year-old wrote it. It's not bad prose! Don't get me wrong. It's just that I can tell that Christopher Paolini's writing will definitely mature and continue to improve over the years. His best work is yet to come. Heck, he's only 20 or 21 right now I think. In terms of the actually story, the plot and all that, the story is exciting. It's about Dragon Riders for crying out loud! How can that not be exciting? There are many beautiful things in/about the book. I love the relationship between Eragon (the main character) and Saphira (his sapphire blue dragon). I love how they communicate through their minds (through their thoughts and through mental images) and through their feelings and emotions. It's really beautiful. I want a dragon too! Eragon can also communicate with other animals. But his communication with Saphira is clearer, sharper and they are always connected. The bond is incredible.

What can I do to get a dragon of my own?...


Tin (ni Johann) said…
Tarie! I miss you! (And CY!) >_<

I can't wait to see you in June!

- Your cubiclemate