American Individualism

The first day of summer classes was supposed to be Monday but there was a nationwide transportation strike that day so classes in UP were suspended/cancelled. I felt so frustrated. I found it so anti-climactic. I had been really looking forward to my first English 242 class and it was postponed. At least it was only postponed for one day. Tuesday we had our first class and it was wonderful. =) I love the subject/class (individualism in American literature) and I love the professor. Prof. Ancheta is so nice and so cool. She's obviously smart, intelligent, and articulate. She's a good teacher and she's passionate/enthusiastic when she lectures. I can tell I will really learn a lot from her and ENJOY the whole experience. She's also making sure the class/our work will be as scholarly/professional as possible (which is the way things should be). She gave the class a kick-ass (and looong) reading list. Yes folks, we've only had one class session so far but I already love the class and Prof. Ancheta is my new favorite teacher. Don't get me wrong though, I know this class will be tough. I have a lot of hard work to do and there will be several sleepless nights for me this summer.

She gave us this week off to start wrestling with our (looong list - and I love it!) of readings. We have EIGHT essays/works to discuss on Monday and reports start Tuesday. (My report will be on Sinclair Lewis' Babbitt.) Aaahhh, the life of a UP student. =) (I've been missing it!) I've started reading for our class discussions and the readings are CHALLENGING and interesting (which is why I'm having a difficult AND great time reading them).

Yes, yes, I know. I'm a bookworm. I'm a nerd, a geek. Call me what you want: an academic, boring, highbrow, an intellectual, an intellectual snob, whatever you want (hey I AM a college English lecturer/instructor). I don't care (at least not right now - haha!). I'm proud of it.

P.S. Damn, I haven't read Eragon yet and I now have so much to read for my summer class and for the completion of my English 243 class under Prof. Arambulo.