I have a very blue personality

I asked SO2 to guess what my personality color is. Two students thought I was orange. I have to say I'm flattered. =) Orange people are usually energetic. =) One person thought I was gold. I wasn't insulted. I going to take it that she finds me responsible, which is a good thing of course if you are a teacher! I think three people thought I was green, so they think I'm cerebral. Hehehe. But an overwhelming majority of the class see me as a blue person. And I am! I guess I really am very transparent. =) A lot of my students in that class are blue too. I guess that's why I love them so much. I love all my students this sem! I want the whole world to know. =)

I wonder what the dominant personality color of SO4 is. I wonder if they see me as a blue person too. =) I 'll find out later. Did I already mention that I love my students? Well I do. =) Nobody is "just a student." I think that if a teacher starts seeing students as "just my students," that's the time to quit the teaching profession.

I'm watching The Phantom of the Opera with Dad and Brian later. And tomorrow I'm watching Assault on Precinct (spelling?) 13 with Peter. =)