Sky High!

Last night Peter and I watched Sky High in SM North. We watched Sky High because the trailer showed that it was a movie about super heroes. I wanted to watch it because I wanted to look at super heroes from possible new angles. (I am VERY, VERY, VERY interested in fantasy, science fiction, and comic books/graphic novels, remember?) Peter wanted to watch it because he enjoys watching movies about super heroes/comic book characters. (Well, so do I but I actually didn't think I would enjoy Sky High. I just wanted new insights on super heroes.) I didn't think the movie would be very good. I don't know what Peter was expecting. But the movie was a very pleasant surprise for me. =) It was surprisingly delightful. =) I think Sky High is cute, so nice. And I'm not using those words for the movie to sound trite. I mean them ("cute," "so nice") in a VERY positive way. =) I actually want to watch the movie again. It's like a combination of The Incredibles, Harry Potter, and The X-Men.

Peter and I enjoy watching Disney movies. =) And I'm looking forward to the day I can watch Disney movies with my own kids. =) Peter says that all Disney movies are cute and nice. I have to agree. I remember I watched the Disney movies The Pacifier and Herbie: Fully Loaded with Peter even though I thought they were going to suck. I just watched them out of curiosity and boredom. But I found the movies entertaining! =) They were... cute and nice!

P. S. My new ALLC students (for Module B) are Mayumi and Sr. Rosalie (from Japan), Saul and Lucas (from Bangladesh), Hannah and Kai (from Korea), and Fr. Dominic (from Vietnam). I think my students from Module A Pra and Nai (from Thailand) will be joining my class for Module B. My new students seem to be nice and serious about improving their English. I hope we all will enjoy this new class. =)


Anonymous said…
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king shasta said…
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